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2023 Seed Share- March 11

The growing season is upon us, time to plant some seeds! Donated seeds plus extras provided by Grow Food Northampton will be available at the Winter Farmers Market at the Northampton Senior Center on March 11. Seeds will be free of charge. Please note that depending on the amount of seeds available, we may limit the number of seed packets each person can take. Feel free to bring your own seeds to share! (details below)

Grow Food Northampton Winter Market

Northampton Senior Center

67 Conz St. Northampton, MA

Saturday, March 11th, 11a.m. – 2p.m.

Seed Share Begins at 11a.m.

Information Sharing in the Front Room:

Seed Starting Basics: From Seed Packet to Soil
15 minute presentation on the half-hour: 11:30am, 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm
This workshop explores simple ways to start seeds indoors. What plants do well with an early start, and which ones don’t? What supplies do you need, and how can you repurpose household trash into planters? How do you keep your seedlings healthy before, during and after you put them in the ground? Participants are invited to share their strategies for successful indoor seed starting. This workshop explores the basics of directly sowing seeds into the ground. Which seeds do well with a cool spring start, and which seeds need warmer soil? How do you check soil temperature? When should you amend your soil ahead of planting? How should seeds be prepared, sewn, tended and thinned? Participants are invited to share their strategies for direct sowing.

How to Design Your Corner of Paradise
Ongoing in the Front Room 11am-2pm
Chat with experienced gardeners to explore the basics of garden design in small spaces whether it’s a community garden plot, a front yard garden, or an island at a convenience store. Learn the basics of good garden design and get some ideas for your next garden project. Participants are invited to share their own design strategies during this casual, drop-in session.

We encourage you to shop at the market afterwards and enjoy a variety of vegetables, maple, honey, candles, beef, pork, eggs, herbal products, houseplants, yarn, pies and more! 

Learn how to donate your seeds below…

Seed Deposit Box- Main Entrance Lobby at 221 Pine Street

How to donate seeds to the Seed Share: 

Stop by the Seed Deposit Box on the first floor of the Arts and Industry building, located at 221 Pine Street, Florence MA 01060.


Drop off seeds at the GFN Winter Market at the Northampton Senior Center on February 11 and 25 from 10am – 2pm.

Please make sure that any home-harvested seeds are in labelled envelopes, with the name and variety of the plant clearly written and not more than 2 years old. Thank you!

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