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Grow Food Northampton’s mission is to create a just and resilient local food system that nourishes our community and protects and enriches the earth.

We own and steward the 121-acre Grow Food Northampton Community Farm where we:

  • Lease low-cost farmland to 10 small farms (including four farms owned and operated by farmers of color, including a collective of 16 Somali Bantu refugee families);
  • Run a 320-plot organic Community Garden for over 400 community members, more than 50% of whom receive subsidized plots to grow food for themselves and their families;
  • Operate a Giving Garden that grows thousands of pounds of food annually for donation to local food pantries and community meal sites;
  • Conduct collaborative research projects with academics and others on sustainable and climate resilience-enhancing agricultural practices; and
  • Provide extensive land- and food-based educational programming for children and adults.

Grow Food Northampton also:

  • Conducts the Community Food Distribution Project that supports local farms by buying their produce and delivering it to community members experiencing food insecurity while also conducting healthy food knowledge and nutrition programming;
  • Owns and produces vibrant year-round farmers markets that offer over 30 local farms and other food vendors a venue to connect directly with customers;
  • Runs a SNAP Match program to more than double the spending power of SNAP recipients on nutritious local farm products at our farmers markets;
  • Offers heavily subsidized Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to SNAP recipients so they can receive weekly farm-fresh vegetables from Crimson and Clover, the “anchor farm” on the Grow Food Northampton Community Farm; and
  • Ensures that all of our food access programming is guided and steered by our Food Access Advisory Committee and Participant-Staffers, individuals with lived experience of food insecurity.

Organic Community Gardening and Affordable Farmland

The Grow Food Northampton Organic Community Garden

The Garden provides space, resources and support for over 250 community members to grow their own food organically.

Crimson & Clover Farm

Crimson & Clover Farm is Grow Food Northampton's "anchor" CSA farm, enjoying a 99-year lease on 40 acres for sustainable production of vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Crimson & Clover has…

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Sawmill Herb Farm

In 2013, Sawmill Farm leased 1.5 acres near the Grow Food Northampton Organic Community Garden and grew greens and herbs. The farm has since expanded to 3.5 acres and shifted its focus exclusively…

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Joe Czajkowski and Lakeside Organics

Joe Czajkowski is a third generation vegetable farmer, and one of the best-known names in Pioneer Valley agriculture. In 2014, Joe subleased the East Field at Northampton Community Farm from…

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Song Sparrow Farm

To grow nutrient dense food, we work on the hand scale and orient our practices toward optimal holistic soil health. Through the frame of celebrating life, we mimic ecosystems within…

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New Family Community Farming Coop (NFCFC)

NFCFC started about 3 years ago. It encompasses a group of Somali Bantu farmers from Springfield and Connecticut. Farmers are refugees from Somalia. They mainly grow: corn, collard greens, water…

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Straw Hat Farm

Andrea Dustin began Straw Hat Farm in 2022, born out of a love for home gardening and a passion for food access. Andrea was previously employed by Grow Food Northampton…

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Hill-Ross Homestead

Jacqueline and Lance purchased Hill-Ross Homestead in 2016 to house their 5 children, design-build firm, two dogs and a cat. Over the past 6 years, they've worked at remodeling the…

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Flowerwork Farm

Flowerwork Farm is a small, no-till, regenerative farm specializing in fresh cut flowers grown for the local community. We grow beautiful annuals, bulbs, perennials and flowering shrubs and trees. We…

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Ras Farm

Ras Farm's owner Courtney Whitley has been a farmer and farm worker in the Valley for 20 years. Beginning in 2022, they will be growing large scale quantities of vegetables…

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Food Access and Farm Education Programs

Our Goals

  • Increase the supply and accessibility of space for food growing and of locally grown food.
  • Educate the community about sustainable agriculture and help residents gain the skills and resources to grow food organically.
  • Support the development of a vibrant, local, agriculture economy.

Our Beliefs

  • Broad access to high quality, nutritious, locally grown food improves community health and reduces health inequalities.
  • Food security is an elemental long-term investment for our children.
  • A strong, diversified local food economy strengthens our food security and increases our resilience in the face of economic instability, climate change, energy depletion and other possible threats.
  • Independent small-scale farms that directly feed their communities dignify both the farmer and the consumer; farmers with a direct stake in the local market are more reliable, efficient, and accountable; consumers who are intimate with their food chain and their farmers will respect and support them more effectively.
  • Successful agriculture looks to the past and the future: it studies lessons from our farming history, embraces new research into sustainable practices, critically examines current agricultural paradigms, and fosters farm-based and food-based learning in the entire community.
  • Farmers deserve access to affordable farmland and local markets, and should have the opportunity to build equity in their enterprise.

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