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Aimee Francaes is co-owner/operator of Belly of the Beast, an eatery in downtown Northampton which is mission-driven to serve the community ‘comfort food, mindfully made’ with locally-sourced farm-direct produce and bringing in whole animals from local farms to butcher, cure and smoke in-house. Previous to this ownership she worked at Flour Bakery/Myers+Chang in Boston for eight years with Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers. Her love of food began with her arts internship that took place of traditional college years with artists and professional home chef Susan Roth and Darryl Hughto.

“I am ever seeking ways that the community can come together around locally-sourced food. Be it the kitchen table at home, giving access to locally-sourced, nutrient-dense foods to everyone in our community, at a beloved resturant, a year-round farm stand or farmers market. Grow Food Northampton was built upon these same values and ideals. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this community-driven organization.”

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