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Cricket Creek Farm is a family owned dairy farm in Williamstown, Ma. The Shabots purchased the land from the Phelps family in 2003, and started to develop their family business. The current owner, Jude Sabot, and  her son, Topher Sabot, along with many other fantastic employees run the daily dairy production. They are a grass-based dairy farm and their primary activity is raising dairy cows for their good milk.  They are licensed to sell raw milk from the farm, and the rest of the milk goes into producing artisanal cheese in their farmstead creamery.  As well as raising dairy cows, and producing cheese, they also have an onsite bakery, they raise grass fed pork, and they have a small flock of laying hens.  Their mission is to produce nourishing food that honors their animals, respects the land, and feeds the community, as well as to exemplify a sustainable model for small-farm viability.



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