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Jacqueline and Lance purchased Hill-Ross Homestead in 2016 to house their 5 children, design-build firm, two dogs and a cat. Over the past 6 years, they’ve worked at remodeling the outbuildings and residences while trying their hands at animal husbandry. Currently the homestead houses a flock of free-range Lavender Ameraucana and Rhode Island Reds as well as a herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. Lance completed a mobile chicken coop this past Fall in hopes of practicing regenerative farming and fertilize the north field. Chicken eggs are sold roadside year-round. The Nigerian Dwarf goats were acquired in the Spring of 2019 to combat the Japanese Knotweed in an ecologically friendly manner. The does have been bred this past Fall/Winter and Lance and Jacqui are looking forward to fresh goats’ milk not only for consumption but, for making soaps and lotions. Looking forward, they’re developing plans for a historic garden based in both Shaker farming principles and modern regenerative agriculture in hopes of sharing the abundance and traditions with our GFN community and demonstrating that ecological health, thriving crops, happy livestock and human wellness are inseparable.


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