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I specialize in naturally fermented foods made with local produce. The flagship product is Stukitz Kraut. This is a basic sauerkraut using a recipe on my Mother’s side of family going back generations. Every fall when I was growing up the whole family got together to make large crocks of this sauerkraut. My Mother’s maiden name is Stukitz. When I started the business late-2017 I named this product “Stukitz Kraut” to honor my Mother’s family. My Napa Kimchi is vegan and a recipe I have been making for over 25 years. I have added other ferments to the product line and continue to experiment with new recipes. I work with many farms in the Northeast to get the best local produce. I do grow various herbs, hot peppers, rhubarb, and other select items. All batches are small to make sure the product is fresh when you buy it.

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