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Tuesday Market Is On Until November 11th!

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Hi Market Friends —
I was away last week and missed seeing all of you. I heard the music was great and the weather warmtown farm brussels sprouts and everything went smoothly. I was visiting friends in California, getting inspired by madrone trees and Mohawk skunk beans and rusty brown colored cotton and recycled fences built by immigrant farmers from Vietnam in a city park and trees loaded with persimmons and one of the first rains after months and months. I came home grateful for our plentiful rains (except when they’re too plentiful) and the true beauty of the vendor stands at Tuesday Market. We are so lucky to have such good farmers and gatherers and producers right here in our valley. Not only do they grow and make delicious food but they display it in beautiful ways — no plastic green turf grass thrown over tables.
Despite frosts and darkness and colder temperatures, Tuesday Market is still here for another 4 weeks. November 11th is the last market followed soon after by the first Northampton Winter Market at Smith Voke High School on Saturday, November 15th. Andrew at the Red Fire Farm stand manages that market so if you’ve got questions head over there to ask him.
This week is also Taproot Threads last market for the season.
See you there!
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