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2017 Tuesday Market Season Review

Cherry tomatoes and Cucamelons at Tuesday Market

2017 was Tuesday Market’s ninth season, and the second as a program of Grow Food Northampton. Named “Best Farmers’ Market in the Valley” by Valley Advocate readers, Tuesday Market consistently provided a place for locals and visitors to shop for fresh food, connect with community members and enjoy live music. Rain or shine, the farmers market set up from 1:30-6:30pm every Tuesday from April 25 to November 14 in the plaza between Thornes Marketplace and the city parking garage in Downtown Northampton.

Thirty-one businesses participated as vendors at Tuesday Market in 2017. Vendors offered a range of fruits, vegetables and herbs, maple products, honey, mushrooms, prepared foods, artisanal cheeses, flowers, plants, fermented foods, teas, bread and more. Vendor income was just over $450,000 in 2017, over $3,000 per hour on average. Of the total income, 9.8% was from SNAP purchases.

Emmett Leader making bowls at Tuesday Market

Tuesday Market collaborated with the Lisa Ekus Group in 2017 to host the 6-week Summer Chef Series which featured 6 acclaimed local chefs doing cooking demonstrations for market-goers. River Valley Coop and The Baker’s Pin sponsored the series. Another collaboration in 2017 was a pottery sale by local potter Emmett Leader. Emmett sold bowls made with Northampton-dug clay, with all of the proceeds going to SNAP matching at Tuesday Market. Four weeks of sales resulted in over $3,000 for SNAP matching. We also had SNAP-matching support from these business and foundations sponsors: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, The Farm Education Collaborative, Family Legacy Partners, and SHOW Circus Studio.

Tuesday Market took an active role in the implementation of HIP (Healthy Incentives Program), a new benefit for Massachusetts SNAP recipients. With HIP, SNAP recipients receive between $40 and $80 per month (depending on household size) to purchase fruits and vegetables from local farms. By July 2017, Tuesday Market had 6 farms who were able to process this benefit as well as SNAP purchases. Tuesday Market began the season matching SNAP purchases at the market tent up to $10 per person. Once HIP was up and running, the SNAP match at the market tent was lowered to $5. Total SNAP purchases at Tuesday Market in 2017 were $44,698.06, an increase of more than $19,000 over 2016 SNAP purchases. Tuesday Market maintained a leadership role in the roll-out of HIP including being part of the Western Mass SNAP Coalition, attending HIP-related meetings with local partners, piloting the HIP Ambassador program at Tuesday Market, participation in evaluation of the program and reporting on HIP’s successes to the MA Food Policy Council at the MA State House.

Emily Harding-Morick

I’m a ‘1 %er.’ Not through hard work and perseverance, nor by my ingenuity, nor vision, but by my family inheritance. My inheritance money accumulated due to many of the exact factors that have kept my Valley neighbors in many generations of economic and social insecurity: unfair labor practices; systemic racism in housing, employment, and education; and American capitalism and world imperialism. What an opportune time to return some of ‘my’ money ($20,000) to those nearby, who are suffering economic and food insecurity in this time of COVID. The Community Food Distribution Project (CFDP) has created an amazing distribution network between our Valley farmers and our community suffering food insecurity. What an awesome opportunity to donate!! Please consider taking this perfect historical moment with me to return some of your family wealth to our beloved Valley farmers and neighbors!

Emily Harding-Morick

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to these worthy organizations that meet the needs of our most vulnerable community members during this time of crisis. The Community Food Distribution Project was easy to get behind. It’s a grassroots effort created and supported by our local community to help those most in need.”

Kevin Day, President & CEO

“It was fantastic and well organized! LOVED the lesson!”

– 3rd Grade Teacher from Ryan Road

“I liked the discussion at the end (to give broader understanding of concepts). I also liked the recipe so kids could make it at home.”

– 2nd Grade Teacher at Leeds

“I loved the connection with your body craving what it needs in season.”

– 2nd Grade Teacher at Jackson Street

“It’s a wonderful program. Helped us have access to fresh fruits and veggies all summer. Were very grateful!”


Here are some of the results from this years survey:

  • 62% of respondents come to Downtown Northampton primarily for Tuesday Market.
  • 22% of respondents have an annual family income of less than $20,000.
  • 57% of respondents live in Northampton.
  • Quality and variety of produce and supporting local farms are the most important aspects of Tuesday Market according to survey responses.
  • SNAP customers come more frequently than non-SNAP customers.
  • 50% of respondents learned about HIP at Tuesday Market.

We are looking forward to the 2018 Tuesday Market season!

Written By Niki Lankowski

Banner for 2017 Tuesday Market
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