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Grow Food Northampton’s 2020 Reflections

2020 marks Grow Food Northampton’s (GFN) 10th anniversary as a cornerstone to our local food system. Our founders were remarkably forward-thinking when they envisioned GFN’s role in ensuring that all members of our community would have access to growing and eating an abundance of healthy local food. But never before had our organization been called upon like it was this year to manifest our ten years of work towards creating a just and resilient local food system. 

On this page you’ll find a snapshot of our work during this challenging and memorable year.

Reflecting on 10 Years

We have been taking time to reflect on our 10 years of growing with our community and invite you to take a deeper look at our work with us! Our 2020 Reflections give insight into the humble beginnings of our work, what we’ve accomplished in 2020, and what we’re looking forward to in the years ahead. Also included, are special thanks to all of those who make our work possible.

Virtual Community Potluck

On November 12, 2020 GFN hosted a Virtual Community Potluck via Zoom to share a meal together and give updates from our programs. Enjoy the recording here:

2020 Virtual Community Potluck- Full Video


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Grow Food Northampton in the News in 2020


Our Farm to School work at Northampton High School was featured on the NHS student-produced news magazine, The Transcript. Click here to watch.


Springfield’s WWLP 22 News visited our Open House to welcome new GFN Executive Director Alisa Klein and produced a segment on our work. Click here to watch.

Our Land and Community Education Coordinator, Ellena Baum was interviewed for the February 2020 edition of Muse Magazine titled Food on the Move. The article, geared toward upper-elementary aged students, is a wonderful look into the work of the Giving Garden as well as the other Food Access work that we do, plus lots of great photos. 


GFN hosted Garden Day at Forbes Library and the event was featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.


Community Food Distribution Project launch in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

CFDP featured on Coronavirus response: Food distribution program launches in Northampton amidst COVID-19 crisis; organizers plan to operate for 9 to 12 months

Video: GFN Associate Director Michael Skillicorn on the Spanish-language program Colectivo de Medios Latinos

Audio: GFN ED Alisa Klein on The Bill Newman Show


Valley Book Rally’s partnership with the CFDP featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

Tuesday Market’s pandemic opening planning in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

Tuesday Market opening announcement in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

Video: Northampton Farmers’ Market Reopens with New Safety Precautions– Connecting Point


Harvard Pilgrim Health awards $230,000 to 25 nonprofits in Western, Central Mass–


Valley Bounty: An entrepreneurial spirit at Song Sparrow Farm


Northampton group partnered with the CFDP to distribute bikes to kids and adults– featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette


Area schools build partnerships to feed kids– Daily Hampshire Gazette


One bag at a time: A look at Grow Food Northampton’s Community Food Distribution Project by Francie Lin in the Daily Hampshire Gazette


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