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Grow Food Kids: At Home- Vol.2

Grow Food KidsWe miss seeing all of our friends in the Northampton and Easthampton classrooms right now so we started making lists of fun Grow Food Kids activities that can be done at home. Send us photos of you making the recipes or doing the activities via emailFacebook or Instagram– we’d love to see! 

Check out Vol. 1 of our Grow Food Kids: At Home Activities HERE.

A Grow Food Kids Cooking Show!

Cook along with Farmer Ellena as she demonstrates a classic Grow Food Kids lesson. For students, this will be a familiar lesson and recipe that they can share with their families.

Video: Apple Veggie Wraps

A quick guide to making Apple Veggie Wraps Video made possible by Northampton Farm to School. Make these at home with your own spin on this Northampton school favorite. Try adding hummus, cheese, meat, avocado…. 

Animal Cameras

We did some research to find some of the most fun Animal Live Camera Streams and video collections for your family to enjoy. Perfect for quiet times at home. Follow along and learn about animals together.

Earth Cam– Discover dozens of animals from zoos around the country.

Cal FalconsPeregrine Falcons nesting on top of the historic Campanile at the University of California Berkeley 

Phoenix Zoo– Educational videos including behind the scenes views and relaxing animal meditation videos.

Cincinnati Zoo–  A home safari with a whole range of videos and activities from the zoo.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island–  A mating pair of Peregrine Falcons have four eggs in their nest! Watch as they prepare for their babies to hatch. You can also explore the Audubon website for fun activities and another stream of a pair of common ravens.

Composting at home

Worm bins are a great way to compost at home. As the ground thaws, you can look for worms outside to collect and start your own worm bin. Here’s a good how-to video that can explain how you can get started. 

And for some real fun, check out this music video for The Nightcrawler Squirm written and performed by our Alum Grow Food Kids Youth Education Coordinator and her friends. Fun fact: Caroline launched our first year of education programming and built the foundation of Grow Food Kids in her short Americorp service term.


Grow Food Kids
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