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The Sixth Season in the Garden

Now We Are Six! – The Community Garden by the Numbers  

This is the 6th season in the Grow Food Northampton Organic Community Garden, and the garden is healthier and more vibrant than ever! At the beginning of April the garden was under snow, and now in mid-May we have approximately 325 gardeners prepping and planting 285 plots. Here are some more critical numbers:

  • 75 new gardeners have joined the garden this year (so far).
  • 27 people are on the waitlist, which continues to grow.
  • 16 is the number of new plots we are adding to the garden this season.
  • Last year 98% of gardeners grew salad greens. 5% grew rutabagas.
  • 1208 is the total number of hours of reported community service last year in the garden.
  • 6500 pounds is how much fresh, sustainably-grown produce was planted, harvested from the Giving Garden, and delivered by volunteers to community partners who serve food-insecure people in the Pioneer Valley!
  • 3 is the number of inches of snow that covered the Garden on April 2nd.
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