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Slow Tractor Farm adds Organic Certification!

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Slow Tractor Farm adds Organic Certification!

Leasing our East Field and also farming part of the Main Field under Crimson & Clover’s management, Slow Tractor Farm attained official organic certification this month on Grow Food Northampton’s East Field. Congratulations! (Read More)

Farmer Christian Stanley harvested winter barley and winter wheat from both fields this summer with decent to good yields.  He intersowed clover on the East Field in March and will now leave it in clover for the remainder of the year, while inviting Mockingbird Farm to graze cattle, further enhancing soil fertility.  Currently, STF has a corn crops maturing on the Main Field.  Once the corn is harvested Mockingbird Farm will unleash a drove of pigs on the field to uproot the corn stalks and enjoy what remains of the corn harvest.  When Crimson & Clover finishes harvesting its sweet potatoes from the main field STF will be planting a winter grain crop, still to be determined between barley, wheat or rye.  In the spring we will be plowing the now corn field for either a edible or soy bean crop.  STF sells its crops to various markets: To Valley Malt, it sells barley, corn and wheat for malting; to Mockingbird Farm, it sells feed grains; to a new collaborative grain CSA, NOGMO, it sells grains directly to consumers.

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