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Gives me a chance to chat with friends each week.

Big improvement in our eating and we love having the sample recipes.

It’s so important to my health to have fresh produce, and I liked the recipes you handed out.

It helped me to have really fresh vegetables. I don’t buy out-of-season produce from California or Peru; I love local food without pesticides!

Wonderful. Helped the budget and challenges me to cook more.

It’s meant the world. I am so cash-strapped that I rarely can afford fresh vegetables of such fabulous quality!

“My doctor is always telling me to eat more fruit and veggies, this was a great way to do it!”

“I do not drive and I live on a fixed income.  So being able to participate in such a great program for only $10 and being able to pick up the produce at the Northampton Senior Center was wonderful. I could not have participated in a farm share if I had to drive to the farm or if the cost was not subsidized.”

“I am happy to be part of a movement toward ‘eating local.’  I grew up on a farm (long ago and far away) and this reminded me that fresh, local produce is still available!”

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