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Welcome Mockingbird Farm!

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Mockingbird Farm CalvesStarting this past July, Grow Food Northampton invited Mockingbird Farm, an Easthampton-based livestock farm, to graze cattle on our South Field.  The pilot relationship—Mockingbird’s access to five acres of our clover-rich pasture in exchange for the animals’ “mowing” and fertilizing of GFN fields—was so successful that we have agreed to continue the lease next year and officially declare Mockingbird Farm our fourth farm business at the Northampton Community Farm!

Our resident cattle (including three calves, all born on site) spend most daytime hours ruminating in the shade near the Mill River.  But at dusk you can almost always find them watering at their trough nearer to Meadow St.

Mockingbird Farm owner/farmer Pete Solis writes about his farm:

We raise chickens for both meat and eggs, heritage breed pigs, free range turkeys, and run a small beef herd. Our animals get organic feed and constant access to fresh water, fresh air, forage, bugs, and sunshine. We sell the majority of our products at farmer’s markets.

You can find us at:

You may also find our products on the menus at the amazing Bistro Les Gras and the wonderful Woodstar Cafe in Downtown Northampton.

Our eggs and meat are also for sale at CSA pickups for Mountain View Farm in Easthampton and Crimson and Clover Farm in Northampton and by appointment at our farm.

CSA members can also pick up meat at our farm on the first Sunday of the month between 12 and 2.

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