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Feel the Quickening of Tuesday Market and Seed Swap, March 5th!

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends —

Tuesday Market is rising again! The seed of the market is just getting planted in potting soil and will be ready for you on Tuesday, April 26th. There will be old vendors, new vendors, and all kinds of other good things to look forward to. But before that…..

Come to another Seed Swap or come to your first one! Tuesday Market and Grow Food Northampton are again hosting a Seed Swap on Saturday, March 5th, 10am – 1 pm in the same place at the Northampton Winter Market, Smith Voke High School, Northampton. You’re invited!

What do you do at a Seed Swap? LEARN about seed saving. CELEBRATE the magic of seeds. SHARE seeds that you’ve saved from you farm or garden (or seeds that you’ve purchased). TAKE HOME seeds to plant. MEET other people who see regionally adapted seeds as an important part of a healthy food system and climate adaptation. COME even if you don’t have seeds to share! There will be some great workshops to take part in. See the link below for more details.
Go to for more info and to register.

Here’s some great writing about what’s in a seed swap and what’s in a seed by Akwesasne Mohawk seed keeper and teacher, Rowen White.

Here are some images from last year’s swap. Hope to see you there!

crabapple seeds

 Beans bred and saved at Crabapple Farm

seed swap crowd

 The crowd swapping seeds

seeds into a packet

workshop with Tevis

Tevis teaching about on-farm or in-garden breeding of new varieties

our boys guessing seeds

 My kids guessing the seeds in the seed guessing game

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