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March 7, 2020: Celebrate the Start of the Growing Season at Garden Day!

Seed Swap- Bring your seeds to share and take some home. You don’t need to bring seeds to take seeds!

Join us at Forbes Library on Saturday March 7 from 1:00 to 4:30pm for Garden Day, an afternoon to kick off the growing season with something for everyone. New and experienced gardeners of all ages are invited to learn and celebrate!


1:00-2:00- Seed drop-off at the Coolidge Museum

1:00-2:00- Grow Food Kids Kale Salad Cooking Workshop in the Community Room

2:00-3:00- Seed Swap in the Coolidge Museum

2:15-3:00- A “Guerrilla Gardening” Approach to Heirloom Seeds and Seed Saving with Danny Botkin in the Community Room

3:15-4:00- Plan Your Pollinator-Friendly Garden! Lessons from Grow Food Northampton with Donna Wiley and Carol Wasserloos (Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association) in the Community Room

4:10-4:30- Access-Ability Demo with Hollie Marron in the Community Room

Throughout the afternoon- Educational displays, Grow Food Kids activities, “Friends of Grow Food Northampton” tables, inspiring gardening books, Northampton Farm to School

Make Kale Salad with Grow Food Kids!

Join Grow Food Kids staff to make your own Kale Salad. This recipe has been enjoyed by hundreds of elementary students in Northampton classrooms. Each child can make their own individual salad, to their taste. Bring home a recipe card to make it for your family!


A “Guerrilla Gardening” Approach to Heirloom Seeds and Seed Saving

We need not be experts, become lab technicians, own a greenhouse, nor undertake complicated selection, isolation or pollination schemes in order to reap a windfall of diverse and valuable “heirloom” seeds each year. Passionate micro-farmer and permaculture advocate Danny Botkin, (Laughing Dog Farm) will describe and demonstrate how to readily become a seed saving aficionado, gleaning Nature’s limitless bounty from your own backyard garden or farm. Farmer Dan loves sharing growing and seed saving tips, as well as samples of his favorite heirloom leek, squash and hot pepper seeds.
Plan Your Pollinator-Friendly Garden! Lessons from Grow Food Northampton
Three years ago, the GFN Community Garden invited the Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association to see what could be made of a plot that was too heavily shaded to be appealing to a vegetable gardener and (to make it worse) adjacent to a thriving grove of Japanese knotweed. Carol Wasserloos and Donna Wiley will use the evolution and expansion of the GFN Pollinators Garden to illustrate how home gardeners can easily create gardens that will attract pollinating bees, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds.They will describe the benefits of pollination, identify pollinator plants that thrive in our community, and provide ‘best practice’ advice for the installation and maintenance of pollinator gardens.
Access-Ability Demo
Join Hollie Marron, garden member and occupational therapist with lived experience with adaptive gardening in this hands on experience. We will share tips, tricks, and gear to adapt to your gardening needs. Garden buddies welcome too! This workshop will help gardeners to protect backs and joints, stay healthy, and adapt to physical challenges.

Adaptive Gardening Handout

Garden Day is generously sponsored by several local businesses: Bear Path Compost, Smithland Supply (formerly Dave Soda and Pet Food), Florence Pie Bar and Finck and Perras Insurance. Raffle prizes generously donated by Big Y, Johnny’s Seeds, Indigo Coffee and Smithland Supply. 

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