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Meet the Summer 2018 Interns!

It’s that time of year again… Summer interns arrive and begin their time at Grow Food Northampton!

Each summer, Grow Food Northampton works to bring a couple of students to both the Giving Garden and the office to learn about the importance of strengthening the local food system. This summer there are three interns — meet them below!


Where are you from? I am from here! Northampton born and raised.

What college do you attend? I am a student at Reed College in Portland Oregon.

What brought you to Grow Food Northampton? I am very passionate about food access and food justice, and I am very excited about the opportunity to deepen my understanding of these issues. In this position I will be learning how to combat food insecurity through community based practices, work that I envision myself doing throughout my life.

How are you spending your time? I am a food access intern this summer. In this role I mainly work in the Giving Garden, a plot of land on which we produce food that is then donated to the Northampton Survival Center and other local organizations.

When you’re not at Grow Food Northampton, what are you up to? In my spare time you would most likely find me dancing, knitting, or making food with friends.

Fun fact about yourself! I have weird hiccups.


What college do you attend? This fall I will start my senior year at Smith College with a major in Environmental Science and Policy and a concentration in Sustainable Food.

What brought you to Grow Food Northampton? I worked as a Smith College work-study student at Grow Food Northampton this past Fall, loved it, and wanted to continue. I originally found out about it through various mentors at Smith who felt the mission of the organization was in line with my passions and studies.

How are you spending your time? I will work mostly with Ellena and Rose helping to maintain the Giving Garden this summer. This will include general garden maintenance as well as helping to lead field trips and work with volunteers.

If you’re not at Grow Food Northampton, what are you up to? You can probably find me working for the Smith Botanic Garden. If I am inside, I am most likely contra dancing or singing with friends.

Fun fact about yourself! I just returned from a semester abroad in Ecuador! I was there for 3.5 months studying Comparative Ecology and Conservation and enjoyed it immensely!


Where are you from? Keene, New Hampshire.

What college do you attend? I am entering my junior year at Mount Holyoke studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Public Policy, Politics, and Economics.

What brought you to Grow Food Northampton? I was interested in spending a summer working with the community through food access programs and sustainable farming. After looking at Grow Food Northampton’s website, specifically their events and mission, I felt it was a perfect fit for my interests.

How are you spending your time? This summer I will be focusing on in-office related work, such as communications and outreach projects. I also will be working closely with Niki at Tuesday Market and Michael with sign-ups for food access programs such as Red Bag.

If you’re not at Grow Food Northampton, what are you up to? Playing rugby, playing with cards, or swimming in a nearby river.

Fun fact about yourself! I’ve been in an active submarine!


Meet The Summer 2018 Interns!
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