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Please sign our petition to prevent further herbicide applications at Florence Fields Recreation Area uniquely situated at the epicenter of our organic farmland and where thousands of children will play.

Roundup was applied this evening to the entire Florence Fields, but neither to the specifications called for by Mayor Narkewicz, nor to the recommendations of Monsanto itself.

Here are witness accounts of the Roundup spraying this evening at Florence Fields:

Stephen Mollins and Lilly Lombard witnessed spraying from a tractor at Florence Fields 5:45pm and 6:20pm with the spray bar positioned approximately four feet above the ground (captured on video). Lilly approached the general manager on site, Brian McKenzie, and confirmed that they were applying Roundup herbicide. Lilly asked him about the Mayor’s condition that the spraying take place “inches from the ground” when clearly the bar was much higher. Mr. McKenzie said he would instruct the driver applying the herbicide to adjust the spraying bar. After this, the bar was lowered to approximately 12-15 inches above the ground, as witnessed and videoed by Joe Blotnick and Lilly Lombard. At about 7pm, dark clouds started forming and the wind (previously low) picked up and included noticeable gusts (speed not recorded on a wind meter). Joe reported that the spraying continued despite the increased wind. Joe left site at 7:30pm while spraying was still going on. Driving rain arrived in Northampton at approximately 8:30pm. About rain, Monsanto’s website states:

“You should not apply Roundup when its raining or if rain is expected with 30 minutes to 6 hours of application. The rain may wash off the Roundup and reduce the performance, so you would then need to re-apply. Dependant on the formulation, Roundup needs between 30mins (for Ready-To-Use formulations) and 6 hours (Concentrates) to penetrate the weed leaf. So it’s best not to apply if rain is expected in this period.”

Will another round of Roundup be requested? How will the public be informed about this?

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