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Tuesday Market News– October 3, 2017


Welcome to October! Plan a stop to Tuesday Market this week and you’ll find a huge array of vegetables for all your cooking plans, and likely be inspired by something new! We have six more markets left in our season. Six more chances to gather up all of that good food at Tuesday Market!

This week’s specialty pizza is- Roasted Garlic Spread, mozzarella, maple roasted butternut squash, red onions, goat cheese and fresh sage. A delicious Fall combination!



Market favorite and super-talent, Eli Catlin will be playing music throughout the afternoon. He’s pictured above playing guitar at last week’s market when an impromptu band formed! 

We are sad to announce that Tart will not be joining us for the final six markets of the season. They will certainly be missed but you can always get your Tart fix at their bakery on Main St.

The market wouldn’t be the same without bread and we are happy to welcome Hungry Ghost Bread this week and every week for the rest of the season!


Emmett Leader’s project to raise funds for SNAP Matching at Tuesday Market continues this week and next week. Two more chances to buy a bowl made with clay dug right downtown in Northampton, with 100% of your money going toward SNAP Matching at Tuesday Market!So far, Emmett has raised over $1,600! We have given out just over $7,000 in Matched SNAP dollars so far this season and are currently offering a $5 match. Emmett’s contribution really makes a big difference!




In the first 28 weeks of our season $33,825 has been spent by SNAP customers at Tuesday Market (including SNAP, Matching and HIP). This is a huge amount of healthy, local food being enjoyed by low-income individuals and families in our community!

The following farms are currently processing HIP at Tuesday Market: Crabapple Farm, Wingate Farm, Red Fire Farm, Old Friends Farm, Hart Farm and Park Hill Orchard.

Stop by the purple market tent to learn more!
If you know someone who receives SNAP benefits, make sure they’re in the know- tell them about HIP!

Apex Orchard reports that they will have freshly picked Bosc and Shenandoah Pears this week (pictured). It may be their last week for peaches and they’ll have two varieties including some seconds for canning, freezing or making jam. They will also have grapes and plenty of apples!

Sawmill Herb Farm has a couple of intriguing workshops coming up:

Medicinal Soups & Nourishing Broth w/ Jade Alicandro Mace–October 5- 5:30- 7:00 pm
Fall and winter are great times to start cooking-up nourishing and medicinal foods! Broths and soups lend themselves incredibly well to herbal additions! We’ll learn about the best herbs to include in our cooking, how to combine them for different flavor profiles, and learn about the medicinal benefits of these herbs as we go. Handouts and recipes will be provided! Pre-register at

Qualities and Properties of Herbal Medicine from the Perspective of Ayurveda–October 11- 5:15- 6:45 pm
Join Chelynn Tetreault, LMT and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS) at Sawmill Herb Farm for an interactive workshop in the crisp and beautiful month of October. Chelynn will give a brief history and intro into some fundamental principles behind Ayurveda.  She will talk about how Ayurveda understands the healing properties of herbs and provide the participants with some important terminology and the concepts behind them. Pre-register at



All these folks will be at Tuesday Market on 10/3:

Hungry Ghost Bread
Beets and Barley
Wild Rose Farm
Old Friends Farm
Leyden Glen Lamb
Sweet Birch Herbals
Cricket Creek Farm
Red Fire Farm
Revival Homestead Supply
Laughing Tomato Pizza
Hart Farm
Red Barn Honey
Grace Hill Dairy
New England Wild Edibles
Justamere Tree Farm
Crabapple Farm
Wingate Farm
Crooked Stick Pops
Apex Orchard
Park Hill Orchard
Hosta Hill
Emmett Leader

and Eli Catlin playing music throughout the afternoon!


Tuesday Market happens every Tuesday until November 7th.
1:30-6:30 p.m.
Downtown Northampton. Between the Parking Garage and Thornes.






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