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Tuesday Market Starts April 28th!

Hello Friends!

The peepers are singing in marshes and field-edges all over this valley. Trays of seedlings are sprouting at farms in Northampton and Amherst and Chesterfield and Granby. Lambs are cavorting in Leyden, and hens everywhere are pecking at whatever green sprouts they can find. The beastly mound of snow has almost melted from our market plaza, and we will be so thrilled to see you again after this long, long winter. Tuesday Market starts in two weeks, on April 28th! We cannot wait to see you there…

crabapple beans

¬†Crabapple Farm’s Bean Breeding Project!

Old Friends

Old Friends Farm Human Breeding Project!

Old Friends Salad Mix

And here’s salad from Old Friends Farm, getting ready for opening day…

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