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May 30 is Valley Grows Day!

Grow Food Northampton is excited to be partnering with Gardening the Community, Just Roots, Nuestras Raíces, and Seeds of Solidarity to put on Valley Grows Day on May 30.

Valley Grows brings together small, local non-profits throughout the Pioneer Valley who are working to grow just and sustainable food systems for their communities. We are making healthy, local food an option for everyone, and creating opportunities for the next generation of urban and rural farmers. But this growth can only happen with your support! Farming and food justice give our Valley strength, and together we can make it stronger. 

Visit our Valley Grows website and our Facebook event for the latest updates, and please like, share, and indicate that you are “Interested” or “Going” so that we can increase our reach. And please support us and our partners on May 30! Our Valley thrives because our Valley Grows! 

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