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6 More Weeks of Tuesday Market!

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Hey Market Friends —
The last market of the season is November 11th, in case you were wondering! And pre-frost October is such an awesome time for fresh food around here (although some farms might have gotten the zap last night). Hakurei turnips are back and watermelon radishes have arrived. Ginger and winter squashes of all varieties are abundant. There are still green beans and tomatoes! The colors pop against the sky and the dim light especially on grey days. The food inspires you to go home and cook and warm your house up with roasted everything.
In last week’s news, Tuesday Market has become a default location for visiting political candidates and people who hold political signs. Steve Kerrigan, the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, came and hung out at market on Tuesday along with the Mayor and some other city councilors (all in suits). I think that Silas (aka the pumpkin pusher) might have been the only farmer/vendor whose hand got a shake. Correct me if I’m wrong about that!
the pumpkin pusher shaking steve kerrigan's handI love this young shopper with flowers almost as tall as she and gold sandals to boot!
girl with flowers
The musical treat this week will be a few market vendors with musical talents playing some songs — it won’t last the whole market so hopefully you’ll catch it.
See you at market!
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