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Tuesday Market’s Wandering Manager

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Hey Market Friends —old friends farm sweet potatoes
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to wander the market and talk to you and talk to vendors and see what’s new and yummy every week.
Sweet Potatoes! from Old Friends Farm! I’ve eaten them and can attest to their sweetness.
Crabapple Farm’s tomatoes that they have bred and saved seed from for years. Orange Zebra and a version of Black Pineapple and their cherry tomatoes (Honeydrop and a red one) that they sell seed from to Fedco Seeds. That’s one of the things that’s so magical about their farm.
crabapple tomatoes 
I also learned last week that Chanterelle To Go has catered 16 weddings this summer and fall along with many other events. So if you’re looking for caterer who grows and knows the local food scene, give them a shout. And Max breakdances, too. This week Beets and Barley will be at Market with their vegetarian and gluten-free yummies (they are great local foods caterers, too).
So I’m starting to want to sing for some rain because it’s getting a little dry in our parts, but I’m not complaining about another sunny day in the 70’s for market. So come on by — there will be women playing HARPS this week — the real thing, not harmonicas.
This is the last week of the year for Dancing Bare Soap — I know that I’m going to stockpile some of their shampoo bars. And if I’m smart, which I’m not every year, I also start to plan out presents for gift giving season right now. The market is an awesome place to gather edible, compostable, local, reusable gifts.
paolo freire students
Last week students and teachers from Paolo Freire Social Justice Charter School came by the market to ask questions about our EBT machine and why we sell at a farmers market. Then they all got shaved ice. And then they were in the paper the next day.
See you at market!
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