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Seed Starting Resources

Permaculture overview, basics, tips and resources.

Learn how to get your soil tested at UMass Amherst.

Articles, videos and an extensive library of resources.

Companion Planting Suggestions

The Farmers’ Almanac offers tips for which plants to grow together, and which to avoid.

Organic Material Review Institute
A directory of organic products and genetic materials, which can be used to find products and materials or ensure that your products and genetic materials qualify as organic.

Compost Resources
The how-to basics of composting as well as more complicated science behind it.

Western Mass. Permaculture Guild
A regional forum for permaculture enthusiasts in Western Massachusetts.

Organic Gardening Guru
Entertaining and informative hub for all things organic gardening.

Organic Gardening Glossary
An A-Z glossary of organic gardening terms.

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England
An authoritative guide to invasive plants of New England.

Grow Your Own Organic Garden
Powerpoint presentation from Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

Remineralize The Earth
Northampton-based non-profit providing information about the value of rock mineral amendments for organic gardening/farming.

John Lane & Sons, Inc.
Local source for acquiring basalt rock dust for amending your garden soil.

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