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1 pint honey (raw & local if possible)
2 cups freshly picked sage leaves
1 glass pint jar


Chop fresh sage leaves and place a layer in the bottom of your jar. Add in a layer of honey, followed by a layer of sage & repeat until your jar is full to within a couple inches of the top, ending with an inch or so of honey on top. Use a chopstick or other utensil to poke out any air pockets and make sure that all the sage is coated with honey. Cap your jar, label it well, and let your honey sit for at least a couple weeks, flipping the jar every few days to mix it and make sure the honey comes into contact with the sage. In a couple weeks (or longer), strain out the honey and enjoy your richly flavored & highly medicinal sage honey!

Sage Lemon Honey Tea:

Steep 2 tbsp sage in a quart of just boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain out sage and add juice from 1/4 of a lemon and 2 tsp raw honey (or delicious sage honey from the recipe above!).

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