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6 eggs
4 scallions or a bunch of garlic scallions
1 bunch/bag chard, kale, spinach, nettles, or arugula
1-2 tbsp of parsley
1-2 tsp rosemary (use less if using dried rosemary)
1 tbsp coarsely ground mustard
2 tbsp butter or oil for sautéing
½-1 cup cheese to crumble or grate
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil/butter in pan and add scallions and greens. Saute until tender. Pour off any extra liquid in the pan.

Crack the eggs and beat them lightly with the herbs and mustard, adding a splash of milk if you’d like. Grind some pepper into the egg combination.

Preheat broiler. Add the veggie mixture into the eggs and then add the cheese. Turn your pan to medium heat. Pour egg mixture into pan and stir a few times. Reduce heat to low and cook until the eggs are firm most of the way through. You can add some additional cheese on top at this time.

Place pan in oven and broil for 3-5 minutes depending on the heat of your broiler. Remove and cut into pie slices.


Omit 2 eggs and add 1/3 cup of yogurt for a tangy flavor
Saute ½ lb lamb or pork sausage, and add to vegetables
Use any other combination of veggies: broccoli and potatoes are delicious in frittatas
Add ½-1 cup cooked cannellini beans or garbanzo beans to the frittata
Add 1 tsp garam masala to your frittata and replace the rosemary with cilantro
Add chopped basil in with other herbs when it’s in season
Add more of everything if you’re feeding a bigger crowd

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